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Deck Restoration Kit For Oil Penetrating Sealers Coated or Weathered Grey

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Deck Restoration Kit For Oil Penetrating Sealers Coated or Weathered Grey will remove/strip any existing  penetrated finishes and restore weathered grey and dark dirty deck wood surfaces

Key Benefits

✅ Save up 80% on your deck restoration cost

✅ Make your overall deck restoration process an easy task

✅ Save you from tough work sanding and scrubbing your deck 

✅ Remove all penetrated deck finishes and also mould, mildew and moss 

✅ Restore the natural colour of your deck wood

✅ 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable 

✅ Made to save money and time restoring your deck to the best shape 

✅ Commercial-grade products which never been available before on market for DIY lovers  


Select from the selection tab the deck size need to be restored.


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These chemicals will damage my garden?

No! chemicals are made with biodegradable agents which a neutralised when coming in contact with an excessive amount of water during power washing or just after 45 minutes sitting on the surface lose all chemical strength and doesn’t have any effects on surrounding surfaces

What deck finishes will remove?

Wood Deep Cleaner is a deck cleaning product designed to remove any penetrating finishes, mould, mildew and new wood tannins

If not sure if this fits your needs highly recommend to get a sample kit and give a try before buying large quantities




Why these products are better than others on the market?

Viccon Deck And Fence Wood Care products are designed and made by a professional deck restoration company which use this chemical every day restoring timber decks. The main focus of the products was to make the restoration process easy, cost-effective and deliver professional results by removing existing finishes and restore the wood surface to its natural look without damaging the surface and spend days doing this.

We back up these chemicals with a huge experience in the deck restoration industry

How many litres of chemicals i need for my deck?

All depend on your deck size and thickness of existing surface finish and type

Usually 5L ( 30-35m2) kit are enough to restore up 30m2 

1L Deep Cleaner Cover 7-8 m2 in one application

1L Rejuvenator Cover 7-8 m2 in one application 

I still need to sand the deck after cleaning and rejuvenation?

It’s highly recommended to sand the deck surface before oil/sealer application as the cleaning process may make your wood surface slightly fuzzy and light sand will help to smooth up .

Recommended to use sanders of 60-80 grid attached to a manual sanding pad or electric orbital sander/brush sender


Deck Restoration Kit  For Penetrated Finishes And Weathered Grey  include all necessary chemicals for a complete restoration of the faded and weathered grey deck or coated previously with Water/Oil-based sealers penetrating finishes.

Penetrating finishes like this:

  • Intergrain - Natural Timber Oil 
  • Cabots -  Natural Decking Oil
  • Cutek - Whole products range
  • Feats Watson - Traditional Decking Oil, Timber Oi
  • Haymes- Decking Oil
  • Other Traditional Timber Oils

For film-forming finishes recommended using Fim Forming Deck Restoration Kit

Including :

  • Wood Deep Cleaner
  • Wood Rejuvenator 

Watch our demonstration videos for instructions on how to use the products and achieve a professional result.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Deck Size To Restore

1m2- Sample Kit, 6m2, 30m2, 60m2, 90m2

3 reviews for Deck Restoration Kit For Oil Penetrating Sealers Coated or Weathered Grey

  1. Jim

    Amazing Restoration Kit!
    I bought this last week and restored my grey weathered deck without any issues!
    I left the deep cleaner for about 35minutes and power washed after which applied the rejuvenator and i was amazed of the look achieved for my deck- nearly like new
    I was doubting that this will work this well but final result convinced me 100% that this chemicals worth to be used for a deck restoration

  2. ben

    Easy to use and great results +++

  3. Robert

    Removed new deck tannins and prepared it to oil like A PRO
    My deck looks amazing and most important the oil penetrated the wood deeply which means long-lasting finish

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  • Is this product safe to use near garden?

    Yes! The  chemical components don’t harm the vegetation as it is biodegradable and is neutralised after 60 minutes of the application or in contact with an excessive amount of water