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Deck Restoration Kit For Film Forming Sealers Coated

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Now you can restore your deck to its former glory — easier and cheaper than ever before.


Our film-forming sealed deck restoration kit allows you to chemically strip old sealer and rejuvenate your deck, turning the process painless.

✅Save up to 80% on your bill. Using our Deck Restoration Kit leads to professional results, but for a fraction of what it costs hiring a company to do it.

✅Lift your old sealers easily — and goodbye hard work: with our chemical stripper, you no longer need to spend days scrubbing, scraping… no more miserable days spent sanding your deck!

✅Turn back time restoring your wood’s natural colour. Preserving and enhancing your timber makes your deck look like it was supposed to, again.

✅100% safe for you and your garden. All our chemicals are biodegradable and become inactive after being washed away from the deck.

✅Commercial-grade for professional results. This is the same kit we use for our restoration business, not a watered-down version like other DIY kits.


👉 Get your deck back to how it’s supposed to look, knowing you did it yourself… and at a fraction of the cost, without having to suffer for it.


Works with water, oil or solvent-based sealers.

Scroll below to watch our video tutorials and see how easy it is now to restore your deck.


(Not sure? Get a Sample Kit to try the product on your deck, see the results yourself!)




Will these chemicals damage my garden?

No. Our products are made with biodegradable chemical agents that are completely neutralized:

  • After 60 minutes sitting on your deck’s surface; or
  • When they are mixed with an excessive amount of water (like when you power-wash them from your deck);

Therefore they do not pose a danger for your garden, plants, or animals.


What types of deck finishes will this remove?

Our Wood Finish Stripper will remove water-, oil-, and solvent-based deck sealers.

We tested it successfully on most popular deck finishes in Australia, including those in the following list:

List of on tested products :

Intergrain UltraDeck / Natural Stain / Timber Oil / DWD /Exterior Ultra Clear

Cabots AquaDeck / Natural Decking Oil / Cabothane Clear

Cutek – whole range of products

Sikkens – whole range of products

Feats Watson – Wet/Matt Look / Traditional Timber Oil / Decking Oil

Flood – Spa n Deck

Haymes – Simply Wood Care Dexpress And Decking Oil

If your deck uses a different product, it’s likely Wood Finish Stripper will work on it as well.


That said, we highly recommend you get a sample kit and give it a try before purchasing a large quantity.

Why are these products better than alternatives on the market?

Viccon Deck And Fence Wood Care products are designed and made by a professional deck restoration company. As professionals, we tried every product on the market. 


But we could not find a product that was actually powerful enough to be used professionally. Most hobby-level products are too expensive and don’t deliver the consistent results we needed. So we had to build our own.

We use these same chemicals every day restoring timber decks for our clients. Differently from most similar products on the market, they are professional-grade. They are designed to make the restoration process easier, faster, more cost-effective, and deliver professional results consistently.

How much should I order for my deck?

The recommended quantity depends on your deck size, on the type of surface finish on your deck, and on its thickness.


Usually a 5L (30m2) Kit is enough to restore a deck of up to 30m2 when just one application of stripper is necessary. 


That said, in some cases, a second application of stripper may be required. 

This happens when the existing finish is thicker than 6 layers, or when it is coated with solvent-based sealers (like Sikkens). Vertical surfaces like fences, screens, and pergolas also often need a second coat of stripper.


For these reasons it might be a good idea to have some spare stripper aside, in case you need it.


Will I still need to sand the deck after stripping and rejuvenation?

Since the stripper will take care of your old finish for you, sanding it away manually it’s not longer necessary.


That said, we highly recommend a light sanding of the deck surface before you apply oil/sealer. The stripping process may make your wood surface slightly fuzzy, and a light sanding will help to smooth it up — and also remove any minor patches of old finish that haven’t been completely removed.


We recommended sanders of 60-80 grid attached to a manual sanding pad, or an electric orbital sander/brush sander.


What if the chemicals don’t lift up my surface finishes?

This is unlikely to happen if the kit is used correctly to remove decking oil/sealers (and not other 2pac or polyurethanes).


That said, if this happens to you we will be happy to assist you and find a way to fix the problem or, if necessary, refund your purchase (refunds will require video/photo proof of the kit’s performance).

Our Deck Restoration Kit includes all necessary chemicals for a complete restoration of your peeling deck, without days spent sanding, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring the job out to a professional!

Recommended for decks coated with water/solvent/oil-based sealers (film-forming finishes). Tested on the following:

  • Intergrain - Ultradeck, Natural Stain, DWD, Natural Timber Oil 
  • Cabots - AquaDeck, Natural Decking Oil
  • Cutek - Whole products range
  • Sikkens - Whole products range 
  • Feats Watson - Wet/Matt Look, Traditional Decking Oil, Timber Oi
  • Haymes- Dexperss, Decking Oil
  • Flood - Spa n Deck 

If your deck uses a different coating product, we recommend you get a sample kit and give it a try before purchasing a larger quantity.

The kit includes:

  • Wood Finish Stripper to remove your old finish without hard sanding (and without dangerous chemicals either!)
  • Wood Rejuvenator to prepare the timber for the new coating and restore the wood’s natural colour.


Watch our demonstration videos for instructions on how to use the products and achieve a professional result.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Deck Size To Restore

1m2 – Sample Kit, 6m2, 30m2, 60m2, 90m2

11 reviews for Deck Restoration Kit For Film Forming Sealers Coated

  1. Paul

    I used for my client deck, and the results exceed my expectations as I was sceptic at the begin that will perform as described. +++

  2. Jason

    This product has a big potential in the deck restoration industry. I will use from now only this product for my deck restoration

  3. Andrew

    I love this 100%! Is easy to use and didn’t kill the grass around my deck!
    Great Worth Product

  4. Clinton

    Take some time to restore your deck but the final result is worthed spending the time

  5. Stuart

    Great Customer Service, Fast Shipping And Most Important Great Product For Deck Restoration

  6. Nelson

    The restoration kit itself is great but only need a good high-pressure washer for the finish to be removed!
    I need a proper washer for next time

  7. Lion

    100% better than other products on the market which even close not perform as this one!
    Highly recommend

  8. John

    Worth every single dollar spent on this product!
    I run a deck restoration business in Wollongong and from now this is my best mate

  9. Nap

    I never thought that I can restore a deck by my self, but this product are so great and i did it

  10. Angela


  11. Jeane

    I was quoted for $2350 by a local company to restore my deck, but with these products, I did it my self with only $460
    Exceptional cleaners

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  • Is this product safe to use near garden?

    Yes! The  chemical components don’t harm the vegetation as it is biodegradable and is neutralised after 60 minutes of the application or in contact with an excessive amount of water