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Wood Finish Stripper / Deck Stain Remover

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  • Remove water/solvent /oil based  wood and deck finishes
  • Save days of hard sanding
  • Environmentally and garden safe
  • Free of any dangerous chemicals which traditional strippers contain
  • Remove up 6 layers in a single application
  • Remove 6-7m2 per 1liter
  • Remove from vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Easy application Spray And Brush or Roller
  • Always use Wood Rejuvenator after as step 2


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Watch Tutorial How To Restore A Deck Using Our Stripper

Deck And Fence Wood Finish Stripper is a fast-acting stripper, easy to use for professionals and home users when needing a complete stripping and removing of finishes from wood surfaces like decks, fences, timber cladding, outdoor furniture, and other wood surfaces.

Deck And Fence Wood Finish Stripper removes water, oil and solvent base film forming wood finishes, including acrylics, some polyurethanes and varnishes. Not suitable for epoxies and 2-Pac finishes. Safe to use for interior and exterior applications and gentle on the environment.

Use on all interior and exterior wood surfaces only.

Precautions And Limitations:
Use in a well ventilated area. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear protective gloves, glasses and respirator.

Typical Properties
Clean Up – Water
Application Method: Spray or Brush & Roller

Application Conditions:

  • Apply on dry surfaces
  • Apply a minimum thickness of 1mm
  • Vertical surfaces may need repeat application
  • Coverage of 6-7 m2 per Litre.

Application And Use Instructions

1. Make sure the surface area is empty and clean of dust and debris.

2. Mask and protect all surrounding surfaces like painted, aluminium and powder-coated surfaces. If used close to gardens, hose down prior and after application.

3. Make sure the surface is dry before application

4. Wear your protective equipment like gloves, glasses and respirator.

5. Shake the bottle before use and pour the stripper in a garden spray pump (Undiluted)

6. Start spraying or rolling the stripper along edges first and then fill up the entire remaining area, During application, make sure to keep the applied surface wet with a garden hose water mist or spray.

7. Leave on the stripper for around 60 minutes, after that take a scrapper and check if the finish can come off easily.
If Not! Leave on for another 15 minutes and re-apply more stripper and keep the applied surfaces wet during this time. The time will vary depending on the type, thickness, and age of finishes to be removed.

8. When the finish is coming off, use a high-pressure washer with a max of 2700 PSI and work in the direction of the timber grain. For a more effective process, use a high-pressure washer with an attached turbo nozzle.
Note: Surfaces with more than 6 layers or thick finishes may require a second application.

9. After completing the power washing process, take a garden hose and rinse off the entire surface again and make sure there is no more chemical left on the surface. Also, make sure the surrounding surfaces are clean of any stripped finishes and dirt.

10.At this stage, you should have your bare wood visible and clean but slightly darkened, and now it’s time to begin with the Second Step Process – Apply Deck And Fence Wood Rejuvenator.



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1L Strip up 7m2, 5L Strip up 30m2, 15L Strip up 90m2

2 reviews for Wood Finish Stripper / Deck Stain Remover

  1. Andrew

    Great Product
    Never believed that is so easy to strip my deck worn finish

  2. Ian From New South Wales

    I like it, saved me over $1000 on my deck restoration, within 2 applications I removed completely all the existing water base oi from my deck. The only thing to mention is need a good high-pressure machine for removing the finish easily
    Highly Recommend

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Why this stripper is best then others on market?

Wood Finish Stripper is designed and made to save hard work when it's coming to a deck restoration
1.Easy application brush/roller/spray
2.Great coverage up 6m2 per 1 Litre ( cost about $3.5 per meter)
3.Remove up 6 coats of decking and external wood finishes with one application
4.Doesn't have a strong smell like all other strippers
5.Remove most decking and wood finishes easily without scrubbing and scraping - just use power washer
6.React on lift film forming acrylic/solvent finishes in 45-60 minutes
7. Price very competitive considering the amount of work and money saved on deck restoration

What finishes can remove?

Wood Finish Stripper removes 99% of all decking sealers and oil
We tested on different finishes and brands and here is our list of tested products which removes easily
-Sikkens: Whole range
-Intergrain: UtraDeck, Natural Stain, DWD, Timber Oil
-Cabots: AquaDeck, Natural Decking Oil
-FeatsWatson: Wet Look , Matt Look, Traditional Decking Oil
-Flood: Spa-N-Deck
- Cutek: Whole range

How many coats of stripper i need to apply?

Usually the stripper do it's magic with one application but in some case where the surfaces have more then 6 coats or very tough finishes like varnishes, and Intergrain DWD is required a second application for complete remove
Also vertical surfaces like fences and cladding may require a repeat application

This product remove organic elements?

Yes! Wood Finish Stripper not just strip finishes but get it to timber grain and removes mould, moss and other organic growth

I need to use a brightener or surface cleaner after stripper application?

Yes! Is recommended to use Brightener ( Wood Rejuvenator) after the stripper to bring back the natural colour of the wood and remove some weathering stains

I need to sand surface after stripping?

Is recommended to lightly sand the surface before sealing for a smoother finish and may remove some left existing finishes

How i can know if works on my deck?

Before buy the product or start stripping is highly recommended to get a test/sample kit and try it on small area of your surface

  • Is this product safe to use near garden?

    Yes! The  chemical components don’t harm the vegetation as it is biodegradable and is neutralised after 60 minutes of the application or in contact with an excessive amount of water